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God's Disdain is a 2D, open-world RPG that began development in October of 2015.


The four nations of Hajimari have been struck with a plague that has put the entire island in peril. All plant life has slowly started to die away, causing conflict between the Grizz, Faerials, Komurans, and Haji. Many people have lost their lives not only to the plague, but wars between the nations as well. The islanders tried praying to the gods they worship, but received no answer. Many have given up, and many say the gods are dead.

All seemed hopeless, but sometimes hope can come from the most unsuspecting of spirits.

Tamiko and her brother Kenshin reside in the village of Komura on the southwest side of Hajimari. They've witnessed their family and friends die from the plague and other islanders which has compelled them to find the source of the plague and destroy it. They will meet friends and enemies alike on their journey, including the highly intelligent Locke, the child prodigy thief Avadel, the banished maniac Drago, and the powerful grandma Zeniba.


  • Voice acting for the main story (optional)
  • An experience system that rewards EXP for actions in battle rather than completing battles or killing enemies
  • Over 700 weapon and 300 armor combinations
  • A truly open world! Take on any area or boss at any time you want, but take caution, for the path can be dangerous!
  • Incredibly unique and well-integrated side quests
  • A completely original soundtrack, sound effects included!
  • 15 traditionally created paintings for story scenes
  • Original art for all of the characters and enemies
  • An under-the-hood karma system that offers black, white, and gray choices that alter the story and the reactions of the characters
  • NPCs that follow their own schedule across four days in a day-night cycle
  • A slew of difficulty settings to let you tailor the game to your preference
  • Infinite room for leveling up and starting new games



Carter Prescott (Director, Developer, Writer, Musician, Designer)
Dakota Nelson (Assistant Director, Writer, Designer)
Dallin Gregson (Dungeon Designer)
Brianna Corinne (Writer)
Hannah Lofgreen (Painter)
Skilar Babcock (Artist)
matana (Artist)
Mike Pixel (Artist)
Tyson Jackson (Sound Designer)


Amy Marchant, Benjamin Hopkins, Brianna Corinne, Carter Prescott, Dakota Nelson, Dallin Gregson, Ethan Van Valkenburg, Justice Topham, Kemmer Eggenberger, Kreed Crittenden, Mackenzie Packer, Ricky Roller, Shelby Robertson, Taylor Bateman, Trevor Rees

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